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May 08, 2007


Julie G

omg! is she gonna have fun!


You crazy women , you~!!!! How ya been?


Heather - YOU ROCK!!! Love that there are other people out there that are so obsessed with A Muse! Wish I was working so that I could have lived vicariously through heather a little bit ;) btw - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENN!!!!!!!!!!

Heather McNally

OMG - I am LAUGHING SO HARD!!!! I had more, too. Oh - and I bought the stuff, went out and called my husband and said "I did a lot of damage - but I want MORE!" He okay'd me getting all the A*Muse MONOGRAMS!!!! What a BLAST I had! And Jenn and Erin were SUPER NICE! I'll be back (yes -that's a warning)!


HA!!! Did she tell you to order by the case?!? LOL!!! Heather is the BEST!!!


she actually didn't have some stamps?? She buys everything by the case you know!! Love ya Heather Ann!!!


This is the Heather we know and love! Did you tell her she has to actually stamp something with them, and not just sit and look at them?

Cambria Turnbow

Heather is DA BOMB! Someday, I'll grow up to be a shopper like Heather Ann! YOU GO GIRL!!


Oh Heather - you crack me up!!!



Did she have them drop shipped though, that's the REAL question!

I envy her the ability to go to a store and come out with that much stuff!!!!

Cindy Lyles

QC you crack me up!!! Heather we need to visit this store TOGETHER sometime!!! I'll MAKE the trip!!!


That's the delightful Heather I know & adore! Woooooohooooooo, Missy!

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