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March 12, 2009


Shannon C

Very cute basket! Thanks for a chance!

Kathy A.

You have no idea what kind of memories this basket inspires. My daughters favorite movie! we had many searches for dorothy items over the years This would be an awesome win.

Stephanie C.

One of my favorite movies OF ALL TIME! Hope I win!!


trying again

Julie Gammon

the "wizard of oz" was our outdoor movie night! when the kids were small we would set up the tv and vcr outside. the kids would "sell" tickets to the neighborhood, and we would supply the drinks and popcorn. it was a blast...and a great memory!


this is so mom loves this movie and i was dorothy one year for halloween!!

jane g

That would sure make a fun easter basket!


Oh My God! The Wizard of Oz was the first movie I ever saw in the movie theater when I was four years old! I was obsessed with Dorothy for years and even still have an Oz poster in my room!

Louise Meehan

I have clicked my heels three times. Hope I win.

Carol Parker

My all time favorite movie! I could create such fun things for my great-granddaughter!


Oh my! "The Wizard of Oz" -- if I have seen that movie once, I have seen it 100 times. I have the perfect pictures for a scrapbook section from my daughter's kindergarten show of WoO from 1975.


That basket is sooo awesome!!!! I love it & would definitely love to win it!! :)


Ok - I can't resist: there's no place like Colorful Creations; there's no place like Colorful Creations; there's no place like Colorful Creations. :)

Peg C

I guess we're not in Kansas anymore. The last time I saw this movie I made my mother cry!! I said she looked like the witch! I would love to win it since you and Jayne already did I'd be in good company.

Peg C


What a great giveaway. How did you both "fix" the CHA giveaway!!!! So glad you did


I love this basket (my favorite movie of all time) and i love your store.

Jen P

OMG...I love the Wizard of Oz! Every year my friend, Terri, and I would have a sleep over. We'd have popcorn, Orange Crush soda and Orange Bubblicious and watch it. Very exciting day of the year! Now our lives have gone in different directions, so our visits are few and far between, but every year, we both still watch the Wizard of Oz together or separately and we call each other and think back on the "good ol' days"!!! These products would be great for a mini book...thanks for the memories!

MaryAlice Kalasinsky

"WICKED" cool...please please pick me!

Teri Weber

Well, that is an awesome prize! OMG! Very guys are the best doing these giveaways! :)

Joan Mowers

I want this...and your little dog, too!
(actually, you know I'm really a cat person!) (No dogs, please!)
The red slippers are just the cutest!
This basket would be a wonderful WIN!
Joan M.


prizes & stickers & stuff...oh my!

Janet F

I have to agree with everyone - this is a great movie. Great basket of goodies as well.

Ree Donnelly

OMG I absolutely ADORE the Wizard of Oz!! I hope I win this!! What a wonderful basket!

Jodi Dwyer

so cute!

Holly Heaslip

Here goes...... I am singing and dancing to the theme song-"I'm off to see the Wizard. The wonderful Wizard of Oz. Because, because, because, because Oh what wonderful Wizard he was!" I was a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz" when I was in first grade! I still remember the dance steps and will be glad to show you!

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