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March 22, 2010



luv it!


absolutely gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see it in real life.

Deb Wisker

Love it! Can't wait to see what she will be wearing in Aug when I come up for vacation!

Julie Gammon

how do all those ideas fit in that head??? it's fabulous!

Joanie Mowers

HOW did I miss that last night?????
There should be spotlights on this crafty beautifulness!!!!
Great Job, Melissa!


Yet another great creation and she looks even better in real life !!! The dummy as well !!


WOWZA! I want to look like that....all flowery with my own little pet pal. I want to know where M gets her ideas? She should be a fashion designer. Well, she is a fashion designer! For us anyway!! xo

Holly Heaslip

Can I where this to the Prom?


Melissa, you've outdone yourself. She looks so tropical! I LOVE her..... and you. You keep our creative juices sparked. Thanks:)


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