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May 13, 2010



Jayne...I LOVE all three cards!!! Congratuations on 11 years.....Colorful Creations is my Favorite Scrapbooking/stamping store. I now live in Colorado and boy do I miss CC. I will be visiting MA this comming weekend and will be sure to come in!!!!


I love the little details on the bottle card.

Congrats on 11 years!!


Jayne! Jayne! Jayne! A ship in a bottle. How creative are you? Do you recall Cat Stevens' song "...if I could build ships in a bottle..." or something like that, well that's the song for the day for me. (Maybe it wasn't Cat Stevens. Oh, well.) Cool. Really cool. Just like you!

Linda J

Thank goodness Jayne had the inspiration to open her wonderful store! Happy Birthday to you and Colorful Creations. I also LOVE the bottle. Would love to try it on a scrapbook page.

Kathy A.

Awe Jayne isn't it more fun to celebrate 11 yrs old. Your Cards are great,i also love the ship in the bottle!

Mary Sara P.

Happy Birthday Colorful Creations! Love the cards. How did you do that bottle?


Jayne such great cards and thank you for opening up the store, just think what you are responsible for :)

Happy Birthday Colorful Creations.

janet macleod

yippee for Jayne ---- LOVE your store! you opened not only a store but also a community. LOVE your cards! my favorite is the adirondack chairs.

Joanie Mowers

Hip hip hooray for Jayne and Colorful Creations!
First, Jayne made CARDS!!! YAY!
Second, Jayne made AWESOME cards!!!!!!!
I, too, feel so at home at CC and my life would be so much less if it weren't for my crafty home away from home!


Happy birthday Colorful Creations...always a ride worth taking!!! (Fantastic cards!!!)


Perfect Cape Cod cards!

Brenda Blais

Very nice Jayne.

Holly Heaslip

My favorite is the "Ferry" in the bottle! Very clever girl you are Jayne!
Happy, Happy Birthday!

Jen P.

Thanks for the inspiration, Jayne... and for the fantastic store! Happy Birthday, CC!


Jayne, Thank you for everything you have done for the last 11 years. Colorful Creations has become a big part of my life.
Sorry I will have to miss all the fun.

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