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May 14, 2010



more beautiful beach cards!!! I just love them!


The layering on these cards is awesome.

Julie H.



Yet more great inspiration, thanks Jackie. Looking forward to tomorrow :)

Holly Heaslip

Love the use of the die cuts to frame, add dimension and create areas of interest! Super cool Jackie!


Shadowbox effect is so very clever. You rock, Jackie! (Pun NOT intended. Well, maybe a little.)

Brenda Blais

OMG, these have to be my favorite! Love the shadow box style of these as well. Great job Jackie.

janet macleod

clever, clever, Jackie! love them!

Linda J

By the sea... By the sea.. Oh, so nice, Jackie! Lots of fun ideas.

Kathy A.

Jackie these are wonderful! I am sure I will not be the only one looking forward to seeing more of your great talent!


Love love love the layering!!! Jackie, looking forward to seeing your future works of art!!!

Jodi Dwyer


Julie Gammon

wicked cool!

Mary Sara P.

Love the umbrella card and how cool is that water effect? Fun cards.

Jen P.

Love the details, Jackie... and of course the beach theme is Fab.U.Lous!

Joanie Mowers

Oh, my!
What a wonderfully original concept!
So summery and pretty!
Great job!

Shannon Fralish

These are absolutely GORGEOUS cards! They make me yearn to be back on Cape Cod!! Your techniques are outstanding -- the wave edge is brilliant! Keep up the awesome work...

Ree Donnelly

Love these!!!!

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