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May 15, 2010


Linda J

Interesting, Jenn! I like them! Going to be showing us how soon? Happy Birthday. It's the BIG DAY!!!

Anne Barclay

Would love to see how you do those. They're great.

Shannon Fralish

Way to go with the airbrush! I'm dying to learn this technique. The cards are beautiful -- wish I was on the Cape! Where can I get ahold of the wave edge punch/die? Happy Birthday Colorful Creations!!

Jill Grace

Very fun Miss Jenn! That airbrush system is SO ADDICTIVE :)
I love all the lobsters in the trap, too cute :)


Saw these at the store and forgot to ask you about it. That's what happens when I'm away from my favorite LSS (actually, my only favorite LSS) too long. I go into sensory overload trying to take in all the new samples/classes/techniques. These cards are gorgeous, Jenn. Would love to see a demo or take a class.

Jen P.

Very cute, Jenn. I love that little lobsta stamp...


These cute cards make it very tempting to get that system. So many ideas, so little time. Happy Birthday, CC. Sorry I missed all the fun.


Ok I guess I will have to sign up for the airbrush class as these cards are so WICKED cute

Mary Sara P.

Love the "sand" effect card. Too cute! Happy Birthday!

janet macleod

wow, Jenn! these cards are amazingly awesome! you truly are a copic master!

Joanie Mowers

These are great!
Are we learning how to do this in class?
Can't wait...
Great job!


okay we'll be needing a copic airbrush class!!!! PLEASE! i love the one with the umbrella!!!


really cute cards, jenn - i'll have to dig out my airbrush system and play!!

cindy weiffenbach

Love that airbrush looks so cool on those cards.


Great cards Jenn!!!

Kathy A.

I really need to play with my system, those are so neat Jenn!

Holly Heaslip

These are just way too cool! What fun to be had with the airbrush. Such possibilities!

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