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May 16, 2010


Jen P.

I'll go first ;o)
My first trip to colorful creations was in the Hyannis store when it was located over in Festival Plaza. I don't remember the first time I went in... but shortly after I found it I went to a beginning scrapbooker class (I had recently been to an at home party and *needed* to learn everything about this new hobby) and have been hooked ever since... I'm thinking it was probably late 2000 or early 2001...


my first trip to colorful creations was after meeting all the great girls that came in for sandwiches at mother, aunt and I paid to use the studio space to create some one of a kind baby shower invitations, and we got hooked, now all three of us are members of Stamp Club for the 2nd year! Yeah!


My first time...was in the old Hyannis location, in the plaza next to HomeGoods! I often would drive soen from Norwood to go to the Store!!! Still my favorite store!!

Julie Gammon

it was an altered book class with jenn :).
i was instantly hooked! we used to be in a lil space with a fence around it...maybe to keep us from carousing?? anyway, i have taken many creative classes at colorful and have enjoyed every one! keep on rockin ladies!

Julie H.

I used to love the Festival mall location and found it when shopping there! LOVED all the papers and wow, so many stickers, LOL! That was the thing back then! Then you moved to Main Street and it was a whole new experience! So spacious and tons of new ideas. So beautiful and bright! Really such a wonderful place for inspiration!


Just like many others I first went into CC when it was at the previous site over at the Festival Plaza. I came across the store on ne of my sojourns to the Cape back in the days when I was commuting 2 - 3 times a year. There was no way I could ignore the force that drew me in. and that as they say was that. Other than little did I know that Jenn was such a wonderful enabler, even in those days. Here's to the next 11 years all you creative chicks


I remember going to the Falmouth store after spotting the Colorful Creations sign outside when my daughter was two (she is now 13!) We were making homemade Valentines and bought heart diecuts, paper lace & stickers. After that she always referred to CC as "The Valentine Store!" I have so many scrapbook embellishments that I can instantly "theme" any of her school projects at the drop of a hat...very handy with last minute projects (that she actually has known about for months!) I love all your great products & classes, too! Here's to a great crew & a fantastic shop! Happy Eleventh!

Kathy A.

My first experience at CC was in the old store. I had only been 1 time. For my birthday my sister Colleen gave me a gift of the first overnite crop. I had no idea what this crazy girl was talking about. We were going to spend the night with a bunch of women we didn't even know. And stay up all nite cropping and I am basically shy. This did not sound appealling to me at all. Boy was I WRONG! I had so much fun (even in my ugly orange jammies remember those things LOL) everybody treated us like we belonged! She then signed us up for a few clubs and I have been hooked ever since. In my travels over the years I always look for scrapping stores, I have to say your always on top. do you think it might be the wonderful creative chicks there keeping us coming back, probably. Thanks for the smiles and laughter!

Mary Sara P.

I came across the store about 3 years ago when I was down visiting a friend and had down a Google search for scrapbooking stores. Being on Main Street, it was pretty easy to find. I couldn't believe all the stamps and was hooked. I then took one of Jenn's A Muse card class and a new love was born. Three years later, several clssses and events later, it is worth the drive from Boston and here's to another 11 years. Happy Birthday.

Shannon Fralish

It's a short-time love affair I have with Colorful Creations...I discovered the shop on Main Street only three years ago when I Googled scrapbook stores in Cape Cod. Naturally this is was THE one -- and it's been one of the biggest draws for me whenever I visit Cape Cod, which is never often enough! That visit was also my first Amuse-a-palooza, go figure! Here's to us celebrating the 111th birthday of Colorful Creations!

P.S. A shout out to Jill, who's from my 'hood, and a lovely Amuse/Copic instructor.

janet macleod

i first visited the store in the old location on the day that Ali Edwards was there (of course i had no idea who Ali Edwards was at the time). I was nervous about not knowing much about papercrafting but as soon as i walked through the door Jayne had me doing a make and take and LESA was making hers at the same time. She was SO friendly, helping me out and telling me about all the fun classes that i couldn't wait to sign up! Thanks, LESA for making me want to come back for more!!

Joanie Mowers

Hmmmm....Where do I begin?
I know it was at the 'old' store in Hyannis. I first went in just to see what they had.....BOY! Was I ever blown away. Such friendly people, so encouraging...enabling!
I had taken a few rubber stamping/card making cards 'elsewhere' so had a bit of an idea of what I was looking at, but I just couldn't believe it!
Here, on Cape Cod, such a wonderful display of crafty goodness!
I probably signed up for classes soon after that first visit. I was too late finding them for the first year of Stamp Club, but got in the second year and have remained a member ever since.
Colorful Creations is where I have made such wonderful friends....I'd say, without the friends I've made through CC, I might be kind of lonely!
This is where I first met Vicky and Noreen, and soon after that, Lesa...and of course, all the wonderful people who work at CC!
And, all the wonderful friends who don't work there!
It's a happy put a smile on my face!
With that little poem, I'll stop now!

Holly Heaslip

Well, it was at the "old" store, the first year you were open. I was invited by a friend to take the place of "another" friend who could not make it to a "Beginning" Scrap booking class! I thought, "Why not!"It was $5 and we made two pages. I am not a scrap booker but I am so glad I went to that class because I am am soooo into paper crafting now!


My dear friend Jean had to make a stop at this rubber stamping store in Falmouth in the fall of 1999. I really wasn't very interested until I walked in the door and saw all the beautiful papers and stamps. I saw so much potential, but didn't want to get too involved as I am known for starting projects, but never completing them. Well, here we are 11 years later completely addicted to paper crafts and collecting papers, stamps, and all the new tools, etc. My house has been completely taken over with stuff. I love Colorful Creations, all the "creative chicks," past and present. I have enjoyed hearing about Jayne's kids growing up and Jenn's life experiences. Never thought I would use this word so often, but all I can say is that it has been "wicked" fun. Looking forward to the next 11 years.Thank you!!!

Connie Heitner

Wow! Can't believe it's been this long. The first time I knew of CC was when I was attending Crop on the Cape with Anne Shaw of Lighthouse Scrapbooking and Jayne was a vendor there with her husband. My friend, Chris and I visited her store in Falmouth. Each year when Anne had the Crop we also visited CC, even when the store opened in Hyannis at the first location in Festival Mall. I remembered driving around a rotary trying to find our way back to the Seacrest. Many times when traveling from Buffalo to the New England and the Cape area I have found my way to CC. Love the store and the people.

Linda J

This is the best idea. I have learned so much about everyone! I found Colorful Creations when I moved to the Cape full time. Had been scrapping for maybe a year, so looked in the phone book. A year later I joined Me'moire Club and the rest is history! Thanks for the great classes, the great company, and the great supplies!

rhonda nickol

2 years ago we vacationed in Boston and drove down to visit the Cape 1 day and while walking the streets I came across your store,needless to say I fell in love. We even came back the next day to shop some more. Your store has been the best I have seen on vacation. I am currently trying to talk my hubby and daughter into going back to the Cape this year! Shh it is a secrect that I really want to come to the Cape just for your store!

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